Greg Dember

Filemaker Database System Consultant/Developer

I am an independent database system developer, based in the Seattle area, and I specialize in Claris/Filemaker*. I work for small businesses (one to twenty-ish employees) who need customized computer software for running their day-to-day operations. I have more than twenty years of experience and solid recommendations.

*Filemaker is in the process of rebranding itself as Claris, but I'm not quite used to it, which is why I'm kind of inconsistent in my naming on this page.

Claris Filemaker
Filemaker is a Mac, Windows, iOS, and browser-friendly database application that is accessible to relative beginners, but in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable programmer can provide the platform for extremely sophisticated user interfaces and robust data processing.

Modular Approach
Filemaker is very well-suited to the modular approach to development that I personally prefer. When starting up with a new client, I like to agree on a useful but very well-defined, contained and "do-able" chunk of work. As my clients get used to the features that we start with, and as I become familiar with their business model and culture, we then collaboratively generate new ideas for how their database systems can be made even more powerful and user-friendly.

In addition to the latest version of Filemaker, I am proficient and current with HTML5/CSS3 and Applescript. I also collaborate effectively with programmers outside of the Claris/Filemaker eco-system, using JSON, APIs, ODBC and other technologies most often for the purpose of connecting in-house Filemaker systems to outward-facing web-based systems that are accessible to the general public. Filemaker also has its own built-in WebDirect and Filemaker Go (for mobile apps) features, both of which I am experienced in.

Finally, in terms of my technical knowledge and experience, I have a background in Artificial Intelligence and recursive programming techniques that often come in handy for projects that involve massaging or restructuring of data.

I am a Mac guy, but I play well with Windows people and systems.

I prefer to work on projects in which I will be conferring directly with the owner of the company, or with a very specific person high-up in the organization who has freedom to make decisions about technology. Beyond that criterion, I choose clients based on a mutual feeling that we will be a good fit in terms of working and communication style.

I currently provide services to companies in a diversity of fields, including medical-equipment warehousing, music licensing, advertising/design, wingsuits/skydiving and environmentally-friendly cleaning services.

My Life
I enjoy living in Seattle and participating in its rich cultural offerings. Along side my computery work, I edit an arts and humanities website, called What is Metamodern? and I am a musician.

My email address is my first name and last name, separated by a period, "at" gmail "dotcom"